He Speaks

Busy with my daily life,

Running, standing, stopping to do what I need to do,

Feeling the heat and pressure built up inside,

But not yielding to my body to STOP

Life was going too fast,

Everything like the speed of light,

Things seemed good around but within, an emptiness

The emptiness that was always unleashed with tears behind doors,

Aching head, increase in temper, frustration that never ceases,

Life being so unkind but sorrow too real

A story that never seemed to have an end,

A life that never seemed to get better

Sometimes I wished it will all STOP

In those quiet and depressing moments,

Those heart-felt moments,

Those moments of rejection,

The moment of pain,

Illness a constant body companion,

I never noticed He Spoke…


Finally getting to recover from my moments,

Life seeming a lot better,

Reduction in all of life’s troubles,

Increase in better things

And then, it all strikes,

It hits hard like an unexpected earthquake,

My life crumbles and becomes as dust,

Everything irritating..

I realise, I haven’t STOPPED to listen

because He has been speaking


On my way out daily,

I learn to listen,

While listening to his words spoken in all forms,

I try to listen,

While in my moments,

I pray to listen and learn

And Yes, he does Speak

He still Speaks

Listen, O listen for He Speaks


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