IT Security is ‘an inspiring career’


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IT security is an interesting and inspiring IT career path, one expert has claimed.

As cyber criminality becomes more prevalent with the increased use of technology, demand for people skilled in IT security could rise.

Martyn Ruks, technical director at MWR InfoSecurity, stressed the importance of showing young people the careers they can have in IT security.

Indeed, he suggested that IT security is currently shown in a negative light as it is the tool used to stop people from accessing certain websites.

Research from Cisco recently highlighted a lack of concern about security among students and young professionals, calling for the need for better education.

“I think there is certainly a lack of a very positive spin on what kind of skills are needed and how those skills can actually be used in the workplace,” Mr Ruks said.

IT and technology jobs are one of the few industries that have seen a strong demand for workers from employers, while the wider jobs market has seen modest decline in January, the latest Report on Jobs from the REC and KPMG show.


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