A day of rest – 1

Everyone will expect to read blessed
But this day, hallowed by its divine maker,
Is everything beyond blessed

Stretching and moaning,
The alarm going off,
Tick-tack so says the clock,
Running water heard from the silver heads,
Feet shuffling and heels heard
It is all part of the busy behaviour of this day

Some spending more time in their warm cosy beds,
Others spending more time preparing for time-out with friends,
Some preparing for a trip to Brighton
Others preparing for a day with the Lord
And a few spending an extra hour on their knees in God‘s house

Although beautiful and most treasured,
A day of rest,
Others use it as an extra day of income,
God forbid that I should disrespect this hallowed day
It is my most precious day,
A day I look forward to
A day worth continuity of its poetic description


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