Statement of Praise

The orison of my lips increase in momentum on the knowledge of your works,

Not forgetting the words of the old books,

Stating how accessible your mercy is,

Emphasizing your love and goodness,

Highlighting unending answers to as much orison made from the mouth of the saints, the mouth of babes, and that of those growing

It thus makes me lift my eyes up to the hills – because my help is from above,

It makes me feel like dancing and crying at the same time,

It is the feel of Praise

The praises that proceeds out my mouth beats my heart to singing,

It feels my eyes with tears,

Loving you more as your goodness and glory unfolds,

Seeing your mighty works in my daily life,

Even in my darkest hour, your love is a light

I do not know how to explain it,

but this explanation is that which proceeds from the heart and shows forth in the moment of Praise


Your royal-green thought

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