Worldly or Godly?

Sitting back, staring curiously at thosemassive screens,

Those on screens, doing their job

And me having fun

The environment all cheerful,

It is a mini display of the Bible‘s Sodom & Gomorrah,

To the world it’s fun but to God it’s sin

Do I sit back or leave?

I love my friends so dearly,

“it is just a time to chill out; just a drink”

Walking into the house of drinks; the pub by name

Placing an order, not sinful or leading to sin

On my way out I see those I’m gradually leading

Bring along with me through this road of eternity

Do I cause them to derail or do I keep them on this path?

Sitting at home, a big massive sheet of paper,

Looking through different hairstyles, clothes and more

Will it lead me closer to Christ or keep me farther from Christ?

Flipping through hundreds of pages,

The story line so indulging, captivating and mind blowing

Wishing I had such a story

Does it get my heart to think pure or the way of the world?

For everything done, there is a checkpoint

Is it Wordly or Godly?


Your royal-green thought

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