Precious light

Guiding my footsteps when it gradually begins to slip off, causing my fall
Leading me diligently in the right way
Bringing smile to my face daily
Reminding me of eternal hope and everlasting life

It wakes me up in praise and thanksgiving,
It radiates through me to everyone around,
It rejoices with me and comforts me in sadness
It walks with me and guides me to safety
Oh precious light

It is often misjudged by others
But it is precious to me
People understand it in different ways
But it lightens my burden
Some have not experienced it
But I know and I am sure of this light
It is a living light, a precious light

It leads me to praising the creator
And in absolute reverence to the three-in-one
Who reveals the extra-ordinary power of this light in me
The light that does not judge but warns
A true light of hope,
A light that reflects God’s love to the people

In appreciation, my ebenezer is lifted
In thanks for the light radiating through the word of God
Oh precious light, in my heart, I pray you’ll forever dwell


Your royal-green thought

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