Can’t you see I love you?

When you had no one to help you out,

When you could no longer pay your bills,
And feeding became difficult
I remember the smile on your face
When I sent my child to offer that help
I showed up in time
Can’t you see?
When you were so excited about life
Everything seemed fine
But there were those who did not wish you well,
You were sad when you took ill that morning,
The morning of your special meeting
With those ‘special’ friends
I saw it coming and had to wave off your downfall
You were upset with me
Can’t you see I love you?
I woke you up this morning,
I Provide your needs,
Make you comfortable
When I notice you forget me
I step right in and rescue you from my enemy
Because he wants to destroy
Reducing you to nothing
But I won’t let that happen
You are not as strong as Job
But my tests for you will guide you
to have that faith and make you stronger
I’ll always be there for you
But sometimes I need to let you fly on your own
To see how high you can go
When I do that sometimes,
You hurt me by crying, complaining and saying the word I dislike ‘why’?
It’s done to you because I love you
I love you so much to lay down my life for you
And I sure did
Do you remember?
When you forget your wings,
Or when you feel so comfortable leaning on me
I push you just a little
But always remember,
I’ll be there to catch you
Never give up
And when you get to that height
Please do not hurt me
By thinking you arrived there by your strength
For I am a jealous God
But I’ll forever love you my people
Can you now see that I truly love you?

3 thoughts on “Can’t you see I love you?

    • 🙂 God wrote it you know and he may have thought of you when he led me to write it down as his words poured through me, flowing through the ink of my pen down to the paper. 🙂 thank God babes.xx

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