Call to Arms

A recent poem, featured at the 2012 Youth Camp of the Apostolic Faith Mission, United Kingdom with a theme: Call of Duty: Get Equipped at the Whitemoor Lakes, Midlands, last weekend. This poem was read to over 100 attendees on the second day of the event. Be inspired!

Why do parents not let you be?
Why do we need to go to church,
Get involved, get saved, serve in the ministry
Be a member of the choir
Oh yeah, they’d love that
Even better as a minister
Oh there, I have my cool friends
They just understand me
We speak in equal terms
I love them so much
They are also Christians but do not have parents like mine
We drive in the car of “cool life”
High in the spirit of whom we are led by
On the road to destruction
And like the bible says
“we deny the power thereof”
At the thought of Eli and his Sons
My heart skips a bit knowing
That Hophini and Phinehas‘s copulation
Can be equated to my carnality
And unlike Eli, my Parents do the talking, the praying and the discipline
But then I take a deeper course to destruction
And then it happened
Bang! I hear the battle cry,
I shiver and tears randomly roll down my unbidden cheeks
My heart, palpitating
I am unsure, what will my fate be?
Caught in the hustle of life,
not counting the cost
Caught in the act of rebellion
but not in the act of true religion
Caught in the act of fear
not in the act of faith
I try to pick up what I’ve got left
Only to realise nothing’s left
All I had acquired in my previous service to HIS splendour
Blown with the wind
When I chose to be a Sinner instead of a Saint
My downward path, I termed “enjoying life”
took a toll just one day
When I denied HIS magnificence and chose meanness
All those with me now gone
The friends who supported my wicked ways,
The community who gave me a way of escape for my wrongs, left me to stand alone
And the media that displayed various ways for committing the you-can get-away-with- it-sin but did not remind me that with God, I can never hide
Left me to stand alone
In the midst of the fierce storm
All I have and all I remember
Are the noble words from HIS divine word
A quick remembrance of HIS awesomeness
Sets my now aching head and sweating palm at ease
Though previously a coward, now courageous
On acceptance of HIS graces,
His majesty conquers my stubborn will,
His spirit imputes His righteousness,
My soiled garment in exchange for the blood that cleansed me
Now I realise I am more than the world sees me
In boldness I fight,
Knowing he lives in me
The sword of the spirit divulges daily in me
As I travel this life of storms and unending battles
His sword and spirit, my shield and sanctuary
I would safely reach my goal and wear a crown of victory
And when there is a Call to Arm,
I’ll be Prepared with all my armour from my King
Daily working towards that high calling
I will smile as I walk through heaven’s gate

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