Precious Moment

Worn and tired from my service of humanity,

Hurt and happy in my feelings, my heart at peace

Yearning for that precious moment with my love,

Oh I can’t wait

It’s all a crowded mode, the air still, the journey so long

But my heart long gone

Deep into His word, it searches

Even while I’m on my way to my secret dwelling place with Him

It is called behind closed doors

Finally, the long-awaited time arrives,

I run in and short the door behind me

My clothes still on my body and taking off my shoes is a burden

I just need to speak with my Lord

And there he always waits for me, when that sweet fellowship we share

True love that knows no other

The moment he kisses me and reminds me of his love

He refers me to his promises, I hang on to it

I apologise, appreciate, and ask, but His grace helps me not to complain

He gives me stories about my day,

I tell him how much I appreciated his assistance for the day and give him feedback

He tells me he loves me still and he wishes me sweet dreams

That precious moment so perfect

When all through the night I sleep with all my worries left at his feet

And His guide by my side to keep away from all the troubles of the night

Daily I wait for this moment even now


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