Written by a friend

Sion – – – – a Hebrew transliteration or Zion

After confes(sion), temptation tests our profes(sion)
Sometimes we fall, yes there may be transgres(sion)
But do we succumb and remain in a state of depres(sion)
Or remain focused on Christ and aim for progres(sion)

Life is short, it is but just a ses(sion)
Souls are stepping into eternity in quick succes(sion)
Time is running out, for us to make an impres(sion)
So from this day on, let’s engage in interces(sion)

Herein lies the lesson

Pray for those in oppres(sion)
And you may find you come out of your own spiritual reces(sion)
Lets forget about poses(sion)s, fight this war with aggres(sion),
Keep our flesh in suppres(sion), and make heaven our obses(sion)

And one glorious day we will ALL be a part of that heavenly proces(sion)

singing “we’re marching to Sion, beautiful beautiful Sion……….”


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