To Me

Over 20 years ago at about 9:30am,
A beautiful, loving and prayerful woman
Gave a deep breath of relief
When I came through

From once a little girl with so many words,
Many friends, interesting life, a little Tom-boy
Grew into the teenager and thought herself a woman,
Struggled so hard for every little thing that came by
Believed in God and had the support of a wonderful family

Although the youngest, yet the loudest
Though the youngest but quite domineering 
Till my sweet soul, the saviour made his home
And I became what I am,
Now as an adult

Few years ago,
Studies became difficult
But I trusted in the one who lives in me
Finally, came the admission, the resources and every good thing with it
Struggled again to be the top
Prayed unceasingly
Today a top Graduate 
And in addition, a Postgraduate

Now a woman, 
With so much ahead
In all my past, present and future
It has, is and will be the Almighty
Who is mighty to save and deliver
Because He first loved me

My body on temporary rest,
Exams knocking at the door,
He has been my strength
And in all of my life on earth
My earnest desire
Is to one day,
Reign with him
Living everyday to please him

Thank you Lord for yet another successful year.

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