Bought with a Price

No longer self

Now directed by the Spirit

Delivered by the blood that purchased the soul

Cleansed within and without

Sometimes my feet tend to stray away

from the right path to my destination

I get caught up in the world

relishing every moment

Offering myself for free to bondage

While He who gave it all up for me watches

Sometimes I scorn indirectly

I try to deceive the Spirit in me

but it all comes back

Then I remember His past

When  I flip through those pages

of the good old book

some stories I read and the repercussion

seem rewarding for their wrong

At that instant I walk down memory lane

Number 1, Year 1

I run through all 23 years of life

and I hear myself say – “Oh, Lord I’m sorry

Was I really that bad?”

I see others like me

and I am quick to condemn

I am asked a question and

give a twist to the answer

Further analysing it and giving justifications

for my actions

Ending up with those words

“It’s not a lie – it is the truth”

but deep down, half the truth = lie

I read about Ananias and Sapphira

and my heart condemns me

I remember walking over the tithe box

and recounting how much I was giving

To the God who gave me that job

To the One who’d always want to see me smile

To Him who always never lets me go

To that someone who sits by me

in my time of needed comfort and support

To that man who never says:

“Hey baby, it is over between us”

but in turn I give him the cold shoulder most of the time

and expect Him to give a solution to my problems in seconds

I return to Him just in time to say “I’m sorry” when I am in need

He takes me back, cuddles me and says:

“You’ve been bought with a price and my love for you will never die

Please do not spit in my face by loving my enemy.

I know all you do and I am always around you

even when you think you’ve walked out of my life…

I am just a prayer away,

a patience away..

Just an I’m-sorry-forgive-me away.”


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