Fashioning my Body

I struggle with the society,

Feeding my mind with the right thing

Walking through the high street daily,

Feeds my eyes with varieties

Such variety, most I don’t deem appropriate

Because my self-esteem is at stake and paramount

Milan Fashion Week.                                                                   Source: Tumblr

I choose, critically analyse before

It goes on my body

I walk passed people on my way out

And their expressions define my purpose

I wholly accept constructive criticism

To live clean in this present culture

The Denim Skirt. Source:Tumblr

Daily I’m exposed to various cultures and styles

But I’m not forced to accept them

I do not desire to be like my peers

But desire to stand-out

Partly, my integrity is reflected in my appearance

Body covering is my priority

And looking good is my pride and dignity

Fashion defines me but does not make me

Dion Lee
This poetry featured in British Mogue online magazine

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