Far, far away

My sweat streaming down my forehead and my aching back,

The taste of salt mixed with blood,

The mixture of tears and sweat,

As I keep running,

Running for so long,

Running like Christian in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s progress,

Running for life,

Running for a new hope…

Although close,

It seemed far, far away

It had been quite a while since our love existed,

It felt so strong and not easily broken,

It had been built on that solid foundation called Salvation,

It grew daily while I listened to him,

Our love became stronger when I insisted that my life was his,

I laid down my all just to be with Him,

He helped me face my struggles,

He helped me right all my wrongs,

The peace I felt, I have never felt in all my life,

This love grew even more when I received his blessing of Sanctification,

That blessing helped me see things differently,

I was hungry for more of him,

but sad for those who had none of these,

And in my quest and youthfulness yielded totally to his duty call,

I let his Spirit have his way

Daily, I walked the street talking about my new-found love,

Everywhere I went, I wanted the world to know his greatness

He was so close to me

but now He seems so far, far away

Still mixing tears with anger,

Anger for my loss,

Will I ever get him back?

How could I ever have denied such great love?

The love that exceeds all other,

The love that sees beyond the human eye and accepts me for who I am,

The love that doesn’t judge me but builds me to be a better person

No, I can’t just leave you

I know I ran so far in search of a greater love than His

but I couldn’t find any,

I found pain, heartache,

I found No love

I am running, running and running back to you

Though you are close yet it seems so

Far, far away

I’ll keep running to Mercy’s seat,

I’ll keep running back to my first love,

I’ll run back to Jesus

Please do not be far away


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