By Your (HIS) Stripes

I dedicate this Poem to a friend: all though you may be down, the Lord will raise you up.

You said in your word

“By your stripes I am healed”

That hits me deeply,

Going through every membrane in my head,

Your wisdom engulfs me

Realising the true meaning of that sentence

The scourge that went through your back

Before you said “It is finished!”

Each thorn piercing through each tissue

Going through your body

The sweat mingled with blood

That must have gushed out of all your pores

When the soldiers repeated the scourging steps

It makes me weep yet understand

Through your spirit I see the true message

That the thorns pierced your tissues

To take away every infirmity in me

The blood that gushed out

To be replaced with fresh blood in me

Highly immune to diseases

The sweat that drips from my pores in sickness

Is an even deeper cleansing for my body

The cleansing done to give me

A new lease of life

As I am strengthened

Both physically and spiritually in you

“It is finished!”

And the work was completed

Not just the work of grace alone

But the work of Healing

And I am renewed in your strength

For this Lord I say thanks and bow in adoration

Because each day you give to me is a gift..

I’ll forever bless your name in good health or not


Your royal-green thought

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