Will my Name be ticked in that book?

Important Notice: There comes a time in a life after this we’ll all have to face the music.. be you a theist or an atheist, He is no respecter of persons and you’d wish you believed.. I pray this touches your soul as it has touched mine. It hasn’t been written for an applaud, this is straight from the depth of my heart for I am burdened to share this based on an earlier event of today. I pray you keep reading and not turn away from this. This is for You and Me!

When it is said or announced,

the death of a friend, relative or anyone at all

Moods change

Not for the cause of the death sometimes

but for the fact that we’ll not see that person ever again on earth


Then there comes the moment of truth

Have you ever wondered where that person may be after death?

I mean, life after death


It may be believed,

It may be real or unreal for some

But what I do care about is that book of names


How I live my life here on earth

With friends and family,

with people everyday

Even with you reading this

Is what matters


One day I’d have to account for all my wrongs

For all those I have misled

For all the wrong thoughts I have had


We never know when

the strange, unaccepted, and unloved visitor comes

but one day it will surely come to us all

Will my name be ticked “Well done thou good and faithful servant”

or an unticked “depart ye worker of iniquity” in that book?


Sad as it is

I may not be heaven’s favourite now

But at the end of this

I pray Heaven’s salvation opens in my soul


I stop to think

In this fast pace of life

The technology, the people,

The earthquakes and wars

When it all comes to an end

Where will I be?

Who will I be taking along with me?


I may be mocked at now

For choosing this path of life

It may not pay right now

But the end will justify the means


I pray to be completely sold out to my creator

For in him is everlasting life

And I’ll one day meet with all my loved ones

Who have gone before me

But that can’t be done till my sins

Have been sent way ahead to mercy’s seat

And my heart a home to the Saviour

Where sin is highly prohibited

And the love of God is ever so abundant

At last taking as many with me to the master

To heavenward we fly

And be told “Well done thou good and faithful Servant”

Our names ticked in that great book

And together we’ll sing “Hallelujah”


Your royal-green thought

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