On the Lord’s Day


It was the first service

Sitting and watching,

Listening and taking notes,

It felt like deja vu

but it wasn’t

Something strange yet a sweet sensation

Just like the sweet aroma that fills the temple

When the melody from the orisons of the Lord’s people rises up to heaven

And the angels jingle the incense of Praise to the most High

The word was just like it was explained

Those words from that big book

Never mis-interpreted but described as the Holy Spirit gave utterance

It struck

I can’t play God

The good thing,

He knows me, where I am and my difficulties

The most exciting thing,

He is there to help me Not to fall

but If I do fall, he is there to pick me up

And YES! I am a conqueror

More victorious than a warrior

because he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world

On realisation of this,

My heart is in total humility

A heart of thanksgiving and Praise to my redeemer

I’ll sing through the ages

As my heart is daily cleansed in him

My life, following his word

I’ll get to that throne at the right time with a Smile.



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