Beautiful beyond description

Heavenly endowed with wisdom and strength

Remained a beauty while “stricken” in age

Loved by God to keep his commandments

Transformed her from Sarai to Sarah

Truly a princess of indescribable traits and faith

A woman of power

The power obtained from prayer

That power exercised on Abimelech

Filled with understanding, love and respect

Passed on and made known in Abraham

Carried on life with dignity

Passed on that love to the mistress

Never was there a show of disdain

Even when it was inevitable to display

Hardworking: Her works an obvious irreplaceable act

Blessed from heaven to showcase

Her ‘kitchen-miracles’ to angels

Patient and forbearing

A support to Abraham

Although doubt always finds its way in us

It took an acceptable age for that to protrude

Content and patient to God’s will

Was made to laugh against life science

Unquestioningly supporting her man

Gave in totally to God

Indeed a woman of Honour

A lineage of Grace

That many like her today

Are rare gems of purity.


Your royal-green thought

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