Ephesians 3:17that Christ may dwell in your hearts

As I ask of you every day,

Sometimes my heart may wander away from that moment


As I speak to people daily,

Sometimes I speak not of you


As I read those books,

Lord you know what I read,

Sometimes not very edifying


Then you were but now not there,

I miss that moment

You come to me when I ask you to come

But Lord, the pain you leave in my heart when you walk away again

Oh that I were strong not to offend you

To keep you in my heart forever

But you are ever so just

And at the sight of my sin you take your leave

But I long to be forever with you

I want your complete dwell


Oh Lord, come not to tarry but dwell in my innermost heart

Drive sin’s urge away

Remember, I’m human Lord,

It does get pretty hard sometimes

But I’m grateful for your Grace

For this I ask you Lord to Dwell.


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