Transformation of Erudition in Nigeria

From Genesis, the primary and secondary institutions are weighed in the balance. To a poor student, the title of this makes no sense. We have a country that says “free” and requires some huge amount to be paid in computation. The public schools (primary and secondary) gives birth to many students unable to fully understand the importance of an education aside the financial values. Most students just like Einstein, yet are unable to continue studying even in the so-called Government schools. You may want to consider the reason: Some may be understated

  • Many of these students come from homes with illiterate parents and homework-assistance cannot be given them except by their fellow students who may or may not understand the subject area better than they do. And a misunderstanding gives rise to an illiterate society
  • Some are unable to sit for examinations due to failure to pay the demanding exam-fee yet it’s FREE. No matter the IQ of a student, that student cannot trust his knowledge without sitting for an exam
  • No motivation or support from school or at home. They are mostly tutored by some uncaring teachers and no extra government support to help the child
  • The children regard the school as just another market place and do not take it seriously. How could they? When most of the structures do not exactly look like place of learning? The chairs and desks do not motivate children to study
  • The classes are packed to maximum and students can be found sitting on the window sill, some sharing a sit with a friend and worse, some on the floor. This explains the hunger of Nigerian children in erudition.
  • The government spend what they can, and backtrack some of it. No proper maintenance of public schools. This is a huge de-motivational spirit to both student and teachers.

What can be done? How do we who have been privileged to have a better education, to be in a country where education of every level is taken to its maximum and controlled accordingly? We can start each day by motivating a child.

We walk-through our memory and research down to the Higher institutions. They are but a pain and nightmare. The quality of education, dwindling to its minimal. It is a shame that our great nation with so great a people not to mention the likes of Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda Adichie – Let us trace their roots. We all know the great poet Wole Soyinka; His country saw no worth in him but he saw the worth in himself, left Nigeria and became who he is.

It is a proper worry when you find so many Higher Institutions, yet the graduates do not explain in their career if they did go through secondary school completely. The ASUU strike, even worse.. A student is meant to spend no more than five years on an average at a Nigerian university; yet we can find students spending most of their youth still studying and yet to graduate. Then it comes to the long clearance before Youth Service. The NYSC which is meant to be an extension to the industrial placement, has now been turned into a long nine months of teacher training. Are we losing our focus? What can we do for those back home, just like us, never fortunate enough to have this education.. But hold-up, we need to have our own, we need other countries to send their students down for International exchange programs or a full study. We need internationals to want to attend our Universities. We have the ability and we know we can do it; How?

  • More Federal Universities coming up makes no sense. We need to critically analyse and sort out the major problem with the current Universities first.
  • The causes of ASUU strike should be critically analysed and curbed
  • We need to have fixed study time scale and an average student should spend no more than stated time except in cases of failure
  • Better study facilities should be put in place (e.g. proper libraries). Please, take out the old books that don’t make sense today. Stop teaching what you taught twenty years ago. The world has evolved better than what we knew fifteen years ago. When you refer students to the internet, make sure there’s one in place at the University for them to use
  • Do not ask students who you well know can’t afford a computer to get one when all they’ll do with it is to type on Microsoft Word (pointless).
  • You teach Engineering (or any practical course), let it be Practical oriented and not all Theory. This is a killer! especially in the industry. Hence, we have the expatriates sent in. Why can’t we be expatriates to other countries?

It’s time for change. It’s time we who know what to do step up for students like us back home. This will be the beginning of a better Nigeria; A new Nigeria.


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