The Morning Sun

It does not matter the tears I’ve cried

The buried pain

The ditches I’ve fallen into

The tap on the back by my past

It all matters that in all of the tears,

There has been a reason to smile

Through all the pain, though unseen by human eye,

There has been a balm to soothe my aching heart

Yet from all the ditches I’ve fallen into,

I’ve been able to stand again amidst the struggles therein

And for all the taps the past gives me on my back

There has been a support behind saying “don’t look back: you can make it through with my help”


It all illuminates and penetrates through like a microwave

It brightens up my heart and lightens me up

Just like the sun, it makes me glad

And I realise it is like the morning sun in my heart


His love and kindness,

His hope and mercy

His favour and grace

All beams through me like the morning sun

I radiate through his grace

Embedded and engraved in my heart

Yet enough to share to others like you

I am made through him, just like the morning sun

I am made strong and will forever shine in his love like The Morning Sun





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