It is important we speak

There have been times I denied the power thereof

When you called “child, it is important that we speak”
I remember giving you a disapproving look
Yet expected to eat of your table as your child

You rebuked me with love,
In your love I was chastened,
I never saw it through loves-way
You came back again,
I can hear the voice of your servant from the pulpit,
Where those strong words, straight from you;
Stinging through my eyes,
As I tried to withhold the contents of my heart

Again, I ignored you..
I can hear you say: “it’s important my child”
“I will be returning soon”
I remember thinking how many times I’ve heard that
“Mercy speaks for all”
Was your reply

I’ve turned the wheel,
I know I’ve let you out of my life
You are the silent visitor who listens to my silent plea
I recognise you’ve always been there and you still are
No matter my demeanour
You’ve been my deliverer

And now Lord,
On this day,
It is important we speak
Into your loving arms I come
Sitting at your feet
Please dear Lord.. It is really important we speak
For I am coming home.

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