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Share the Joy

From my devotion for today I want to share with you my readers what has been a burden in my heart for so long.

I always know and think that Salvation is not for me alone. I feel selfish not to share in the joy of Salvation with others. When we hoard our blessings, we keep others in hell. There are many people on this road too who have felt discouraged and have turned back but it is our duty to keep going.

I was on Facebook yesterday and a friend shared this:

My brethren in christ let us step away from our busy lives for a minute and realize that there are souls that are still living the life of sin, they are dead while yet still living. it is up to us to work and teach the word. Let us carry out the commission given to us.

It is a burden we all should carry as Christians. We should let our light shine forth and blow the trumpet. We shouldn’t hide it under a bushel for the Lord will someday require of us what we have done to bring someone into the Kingdom. We need to strive daily to win as many as we can from the hand of Satan and respond with Salvation unto the Lord as well as Holiness. Many there be who throttle this road of destruction and are yet to find that peace, but we know that we have found an eternal peace in God.

Let us begin today sharing this Joy of Salvation. Share with us how you’ve helped someone, either through prayers, talking or in sharing the word of God. A smile could be a start.



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