The Lord knoweth the Righteous

Grace did abound

Yet I continued in sin

I recalled that verse

And realised it has been grace

All this while

Grace undeserving

Mercy, Unfathomable

Love, relying

I knew it was for Christ’s sake

My heads bowed

Below my knees

My knees weaken

At the sound of Him

Who by His stripes

I am redeemed

Who through the true definition

Of Love

I am called a Christian

By whom I found grace

My joy unending

My ways directed

My path found in His footsteps

For He is my guide

Let it be far from me

That I deny his magnificence

For in Salvation I have found

Peace beyond Peace

I have found contentment

And I look forward to eternity

Let the rivers clap their hands

And let the earth stamp her feet

For in Him I find redemption

In Him my heart swells in pride

Let it be far from the Heavens

That I,

A child-of-benefit from the blood

Speak not of His works

Or that his proclamations

Of stones praising him

Come to pass

For I have breath in me

And as long as

That through ages

I will forever speak of my Saviour


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