Beyond Dawn

In the wake of a new day
My bed so bidden
Tempting and alluring
The body unyielding to the senses
Of the break of dawn

Praises, however inevitable
Returns to the lips
In a slow unsteady pace
The lips escape an unceasing praise
The body still unyielding to the rise

A touch of the thick leather
The leather that holds the book together
A book with priceless words
Unfathomable through countless ages
Withstood the ancient wars
Fought its way through generations
And it’s still true, remains the same
And lives on

A flick through some pages
Get the unyielding body
On bended knees
The motion of the lip
The face ashen
An unfathomable,
Indescribable experience
When communication is free
With ease to the creator

Without the ancient priest
Or the overpriced animal
Straight to mercy seat
Pardon is received
Direct to the throne
Praises in orison is given
To the Almighty Jehovah.


One thought on “Beyond Dawn

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