May it not Cease : Book of Ezra

When those who fight against you

Kick against me,

They take me to the boxing ring

And I hold my peace

For the mighty hand to do the fighting


Sometimes, your patience gets me

I wonder, but what is there to wonder?

The birds of the air still feed

And they go about looking for food

They have that patience

And are content with their nest


I am mocked for you,

But I pray to find joy in it

Peter, picked out by you

Your mighty hands made wide his pupils

That he set them on the pinnacle of grace

When in your love, he saw your son,

The prophets included, on the mount of transfiguration

Yet, not excluded from the mockery of Christiandom

Suffered for your sake


When the world keeps fighting

For your child to stop speaking of your Love

To stop building a house of praise in the hearts of your children

May I not cease to give you the praises due

For in my trials, my memory just seem not to find your grace

It forgets your promises and clings onto its own intellect

In your grace I wish to always abide

Please make me a reflection of you.

Poem from Ezra 4:24


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