To know love

Today I’m in tears as I write on a friend’s scrapbook,

She was so wonderful to me and such a gorgeous lady with a beautiful heart. She passed on her knowledge the best way she could. The best of it is that we share same literary ideas. We wrote a play together, organised and performed it on stage just over a year and today she is married.

I was in tears as my friend whisked my friend away.. Yes! they are both my friends. He has such a good heart too and I’m in no doubt they’d be absolutely supportive to each other. I knew her love, I understood her love and now I love her more than ever. She’s been a mentor, a godly woman and no doubt a Proverbs 31 woman. I’ve learnt so much from her more than most of my other friends. Although she’s not my best friend but she reminds me of my bestie. She is priceless, represented by orange and purple – she is strong!

I am just so emotional and thought to blog about it. I miss her. I miss the girlie times. I wish we were closer. But I’m most grateful to God that she’s with a good man. I know my friend will take good care of her. I know he’d love and cherish her.

Guess what I’ll be doing?


I’ll be here praying for her and her marriage, that’s the best I can give to her, and of course my love.


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