Staring so far
Heart racing like formula 1
Tears spilling and my clothes seem a bucket
The pillows never tiring of my constant sobs
I have been waiting for a miracle

Searching through your word,
I ask and ask,
Pray and pray
Night after night
Day after day
Study and study
It remains there
Still waiting for a miracle

My body shivers from fear of the unknown
My future flash before my eyes
I go to you in prayer but it seems heaven is far
The snow keeps coming down my soul
Then I remember: when the sun shines the snow melts away
Some where while waiting for a miracle
There seem to be a beam of sun ray propping out

It all dies again
Seems like hope is lost
But in the midst of my praise comes the promise
I am taking in awe of your majesty
I am wrapped up in your love
And I am warm in your word
All I remember is your word: you will do it
For all the promises, for all the smile in the sorrow
For all the weaknesses, I see your strength
And in it all, my praise will continually reach your throne
In the morning, at evening and all times
For without your love I am nothing
So Lord I am waiting diligently for your blessing.


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