Even when there isn’t a reason

You remain awesome,

The King above all Kings

Who made the earth from nothing

Formed man from dust

Who is greater than all the doctors in this world

Who has a heart as big as the world

Who made the earth his footstool

Yet small enough to live in our hearts

Who made the stars, the sea, the sky

Who formed the sun and gives it the right time of the day to come out

Who formed the moon and never mixes it up with the Sun

Whose love is everlasting

Who is worthy of our praise

When we get dirty, you call us “child, I’d like to clean you up if only you’d let me”

We spit in your face, you smile at us and bring us back to you with your right hand

You correct us and still bless us

You hate to see us weep

Your love so amazing and unfathomable

Who can match your power?

For these and much more, We bow in worship

Even when there isn’t a reason, We’ll lift our voices in praises you deserve much more Our Jehovah.



Your royal-green thought

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