Thanks for Praying for Baby Bright


Thank you so much for praying for Bright over the weekend.

We have just received some sad news.

Bright was too frail. Specialised x-rays were carried out late last week which identified the problem as a connection between his trachea and his oesophagus. This meant that Bright’s lungs were filling up with food and milk.

Soon after identifying this problem, Bright’s condition deteriorated. He was stabilised again, but later suddenly collapsed and died.

What now? Are our prayers in vain? We don’t believe so.

God is good and His ways are far, far greater than our ways. Will He use this situation to bring healing to the community? Will God’s light penetrate through and bring lasting change? That is our prayer.

Jenny Green, Director of The Potter’s Village, attended Bright’s funeral at the weekend, and with it was an opportunity to explain to them why he died.

She asks, ‘Please pray that God silences these lies of Satan that give power of fear over people and divide families and communities as they seek revenge, and create poverty as they sacrifice everything to reverse the “curse”.’

With specialist medical facilities so hard to come by in countries such as Uganda, Bright’s story is all too common. The Potter’s Village is praying for antenatal and neonatal screening to be available there. If other babies like Bright can be diagnosed earlier, then how many more lives can be saved?

We will continue to work with partners like The Potter’s Village, doing everything we can to bring help and hope to those who need it most.

Thank you for continuing to pray.


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