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The streets tumbled
Trains halted and collided
Cars running into each other
Trees felling
Everything a rumble
It’s like a pile of plates that shatters
Everything comes crashing
Those in it in search of survival
But survival cannot be gained any more
It is over!
It comes in mockery
Mockery of time spent in church
Mockery of the hours of faithful service
It turns out in a minute of sin as unfaithfulness
The fury of The Lord upon the beautiful earth he created
Is seen when the ocean roars its waves
And the water covers the earth
Fire and brimstone all sent down in God’s anger
From heaven, the dutiful angels pouring out their vials
The world in chaos
Even government houses upturned
The presidents in shock and fear
Willing for safety but none to save them
Not even the military
For everyone will run for their lives
It is in both future and present
Present when we turn against his will
Future because the cup of indignation will soon be passed
And the merciful God calls, “Sinner turn, why will ye die?”
It is in your hands to choose, “life or death?”
The call comes, “choose life that you may live forever more in bliss”
Sad to find many who trod happily the pathway of death
And few you find on the way everlasting

What is your choice today? LIFE OR DEATH?

  • Image by nuttakit
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