Happy Welcome

I’m feeling down, under the weather

My eyes heavy as I shut them, willing myself to return to dreamland

Then came the remembrance of some hours past

I can see the smile on her face

My Friend returns from a missionary work to Burundi

My heart swells in pride knowing that she has passed on the love of Christ to others too

She tells her story, so heart warming and touching, I almost shed a tear

I feel like I joined her on that journey, when through her blog, I envisage the poverty of that nation as well as their poverty in Christ

I feel moved to help, to reach out… I do what I know best

So long as my knees are not sore, I’ll continually be on bended knees to the creator for mankind especially for those in Burundi, for the Christians who prefer the word of God to daily food

I pray for the Grace of God to continually be on this people even as the Grace in which Esther (my friend) walks has been shared in the Love of Christ.

I crave your indulgence dear reader, to continue in prayer and supplication for the Christians and non-Christians of Burundi.


Your royal-green thought

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