It’s as Simple as it Says

My soul, make efficient use today of His word
When He says Ask
May I come boldly to mercy’s seat
And Ask for my soul’s pardon
Without relenting with guilt
For He has emphasised ASK

When I remember Matthew 7 7
My soul slack not thy riding
To favour’s gate,
For there thy joy shall be full
And you shall sorrow no more
That thy pillow rest from endless years of weeping
And thy floors rest from incessant kneeling before God
In mournful anguish for the world’s wealth

ASK, it says to my heart
As I run down to Grace
For my burden seems heavy
And I am fainting for the weight
My back in pain, but my heart looking up in Faith
From the throne of Grace comes the call
ASK and it shall be given you
My soul ask, ask not for a lighter cross
But for that sufficient Grace to persist in thy duty


3 thoughts on “It’s as Simple as it Says

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