My Child engraved

You weep and mourn,
You say you are forgotten just as the day
You think that way
Forgetting the hand who hung the sky has not forgotten you

Right here in my outstretched arm
You are carried every day
Wrapped up in my warm hug; my love
Smiled upon you; my blessings
My eyes fixed on you in love; my protection
And my heart ripping when I see your tears

For long hours gone
You kneel there in constant prayer
Don’t think you are not heard
Then you ask “why have you forsaken me?”
No, I haven’t
I’m right here, working your miracle
My child, never forget, you are engraved in my palm
When the worries and fear come eating in
Tell them you are forever remembered
And you have been crafted securely in the palms of your King
Never forgotten, never ignored
For my love for you is from everlasting to everlasting
Beyond this world and none can take your place
Will you promise to always remember that my child?


Your royal-green thought

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