A date with nature

This is not the first and neither will it be the last,
But here I am, my back bent beneath the workload of the day
Eyes dim with tiredness but head spinning with stories
It all started about 8am
Flying across ocean and mountains, seas and in the cloud
The beauty of God seen through his creation
My eyes wide open as sleep elopes to nowhere
Stiffening a yawn, looking at my friend and saying “aww, that’s beautiful!”
I gasp in awe and wonderment
It is shown all around
The alps so beautifully laden with clouds,
The canyons structurally caved in, meanders through its depths
They all form God’s wonderful creation
And then the mountains and valleys covered in snow
An amazing sight that makes you feel God’s love around
Then the cloud in the cloud, it moves with majesty
Then you just feel it, it happens!
Amazed and dazed
“How great is our God”, you return in songs
And “How great thou art” your soul sings..
I still feel that majesty and love and the feeling of glorious things…
Who made the stars?
Who made the sun?
Who made the mountains so tall and strong?
Who made the valleys?
Who made the day and night and they do not for once misplace each other?
Who hung the clouds so high that its end is unfathomable and its height cannot be determined?
Is there not a God beyond the cloud controlling it all?
Definitely someone bigger than all of these
For all these including the winter, summer, autumn and spring
I’ll forever lift the praises of my heart to you
For none can be compared to our God.


Your royal-green thought

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