Great and Marvellous

Strong and beautiful are you

Though we may not see you,

Yet we can see your strength all over your creatures

From the lions, to men

We can see your beauty in nature,

We can feel your presence everywhere

Above and beyond we know there is a God

A God who hung the sky so high and painted it with wonderful colours as the rainbow can show

Who made the ocean so beautiful that the water tell the story of creation

The sand feeling so good; we walk on it by the beach and feel the gentle breeze, we view the amazing scenery and then I look up to the man who made it all

My knees get so weak that I humbly bow my knees to worship when I am taken in awe of you

As the wind caresses my face and the sand is felt on my skin, the water praising you as it flows causing a lovely wave

Then I know truly none other but you.

I remind myself of Genesis, everything comes together, I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been

I look at the man-made items today and I know none other but you gave the knowledge to mankind

It saddens my heart to watch science take your place

But like you said in your word “surely, there is an end” and soon everyone will know that there is none other but you

Only you who can bring to life and only you can take a life

Only you who made the darkness separate from the day

It causes me to wonder if man did, what could have happened? Just like technology fails somehow, we probably would have been out of breath for some minutes or a day or we may have our breaths recycled

But YOU are NOT man, that you should lie, neither the son of man, that you should repent

For your mercy and grace have kept your chosen and saved us from the damnation of this world

Yea, everyday we see your greatness and marvel at your awesomeness.


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