I do not have a title for this…

Yes, I know I prayed and believed it would happen
But it smacked me right in the face
And spat blasphemy
God was watching from above
And he must have remembered few days before
When all I did was call on him
My bible, my best friend and a best seller novel

It took some others loved by God to get me back
Right there to the place I first met him
In sadness and defeat I let go
Because, the time may not be

As he sees the content of my heart
He knows that blasphemy is not who I am
He knows, just like Job, he saw the innermost part
But then, I’m not Job
Although, I pray to walk the path he trod
And to believe wholly

But it doesn’t all add up
When life gives you the undesired and ugly side of it
Then you are at a bend, you look at the bridges ahead
And the ocean of bitterness of life keeps overflowing its bank
At that moment, faith seem to be non-existence
And God may seem cruel
But each step taken towards God,
Is a step of deeper love towards Him

I always get caught up in this
And severally have I failed him
For this I am running down to mercy’s seat again
Please do not say No
Give me that faith to carry on till the end of time. Amen


2 thoughts on “I do not have a title for this…

  1. I love your honesty and how you pour yourself out in these poems. And I know He loves you and these poems too and will give you all you need to carry one! God bless you hugely!

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