I Miss You

Hands on my head

My face displays the content of my heart

I keep turning in bed unable to sleep

Life uncertainties fills my day

I am worried but do not worship

I miss the precious time with the saviour

When all I do is worship him

Then the worries are gone like the wind

And some way he takes care of it

It’s been a while we had a conversation

I miss that precious moment

I can tell the cause of the worry

It is due to my lack of you

I want you, I need you, I thirst for you

When reading, my thoughts sway and then I cry

My tears are not from failures but from lack of faith

I look above to you knowing that you alone can bring back the smile

It has been a long long mile

Most of my journey completed without you

I do not need to ask what the solution is

Because the problem is self-evident

I pull on my duvet and stretch my legs back and forth

Why won’t the prayer come through my lips

In thoughts, I remember the enemy takes away

My only joy and hope is you and I’ll not let him take that away

I am stubborn to let go of my joy

Because I’m useless without you

I plead for mercy

I plead for grace

And above all, I plead for constant faith


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