Denied of love that once was known,

Grown into it

Now, felt like a stranger

Though fear crept in but steadfast was she

Unshaken by the laws

But beaten by love

The love that she cradled and must have nourished

Turned around to be spiteful

In his hurt and bitterness

Love thrown out the window

But the Angel nearby to fulfil the word that should be

Both stood to the world unashamed

With greater love for he yet unborn

With care and compassion

They wisely followed God’s guidance

And for this reason, there is Christmas

Made through God’s faithful children

The world, delivered from darkness

And the Heavens telling the good news

Proclaimed by the Angels

Shared by the Shepherds

Adored by the Magi

Guided by the stars

And worshipped by all today.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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