It’s Christmas again.. so what?

Couple of days ago or should I say some weeks before this; I thought “Christmas is coming again but it doesn’t feel like it.” It’s been a while ago I felt the vibe of Christmas. Walking through the shopping mall and returning to visit my family, seeing the turkey de-frosting on the kitchen counter still didn’t give me the usual ‘goosebumps’ I had as a child.

Christmas didn’t begin to make some right sense till Sunday night, during a Christmas concert, a sermonette was given and then I felt like the ‘right‘ Christmas. The Christmas carols I previously heard only brought back ‘good-old’ childhood memories which made me miss my ‘little‘ self. It gets me thinking back how much I loved Christmas and most especially, in the part of the world I grew up in, there was a special platter of rice called ‘Fried-rice’. I enjoyed waking up to the aroma of seasoned chicken and mixed meats. We usually have a proper three-course meal (that only happened once a year, on Christmas day).. That’s the only day I got off the hook of cooking with my Mum because she prepared the meals best.. Her cakes were off the hook and that Fried-rice, I always dream of.

After some years, I got bored with the usual preparations of Christmas. I hated the time because it locked me indoors but few years down the line, across countries and ocean, I look back and wish I still had that little bit of Christmas. Every Christmas since, I always take a check-back on my life.. Again, another year is passing by, “what have I achieved?” The reason we celebrate Christmas, was an achievement to Heaven, and as a child of Heaven, I need to achieve something, at least a start to something just like Christmas.

Lessons learnt on Sunday night was:

Don’t celebrate the MAS without the CHRIST..

I huge lesson indeed.. while the sermonette went on, my heart was lift to heaven and my eyes teary I knew some things had to be put straight in my spiritual life. As much as I tried, it didn’t work out because the Christ wasn’t there. Now, I have the Christ, my smile is broaden and this year is a better Christmas with better Achievements.. 

I’ll ask you reader this question: What have you achieved this Christmas? Are you celebrating the MAS without the CHRIST?

Photo Credit: Cover photo by imagerymajestic


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