In the Garden of life

The garden, beautifully grown by the Master
But the flowers don’t decide the weather
They are there both sun and rain
Summer come and they blossom
The winter blows its cold down the branches
They wither for a season
And the spring makes it beautiful all over again
The flowers can be seen to be quite dull sometimes
When at some point in time
The master deems it fit to pour out rain
The heavens open and there is a downpour
The flowers prefer sunshine
It can’t always be sunshine
For the love the Gardener has for His garden
Is that that looks ahead of the season
He considers the rain to make the flowers blossom beautifully
To keep them in their glow
And hence, he has varied seasons to keep them growing in his vineyard
And to show them off to the world,
As his beautiful creations in His service
Just as we are in the Hands of God


9 thoughts on “In the Garden of life

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  3. I love the meditative feel of this one and knowing that He knows what He is doing . ..even when I want sunshine all the time! 🙂 God bless you and your writing!

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