At some point

Holding on so tight

Not letting go of it

Hurt so evident

We intend to repay

Even at the altar of prayer

We hold on really firm

We ask for all and sundry

But ignoring that which we bear so deep

In warm words He speaks

So sweetly, for a moment we feel like giving it up

Then it eats again deeply in our fragile hearts

At some point we need to let go

He is calling out to you

The hurt and angry ones

The perplexed and neglected

For all of these He bore it all

And for just a split second

We must forgo and let God take over

The saying: Let Go and Let God

Forgo all hurt

And for those who have been crushed

We are all in this boat of life

There is hope

You can still get back up



7 thoughts on “At some point

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    • I know, it can really be difficult at times. I have learnt the hard way to let go and let God. I’m grateful for His Strength he has given me, just like your poem. God bless you!

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