Think for me


Dear Lord,

This is a letter to you. I know you understand my heart and you know that I am not your best child but God I so want to be. Anyway, Lord you know all that has been going on with me and you told me you have known me and given me a name since I’ve been a foetus in my mother’s womb, growing into a child. You planted me, fed me, and made me who I am. I must say I am really grateful.

Dear Lord, you have worked on this earth and you know how it feels. When all the depression set in and you feel like you need to be buried many feet below earth, never to be remembered and all your sins buried with you. I am in that clasp of life, when life holds my throat, it closes tight and I can’t breathe or cry. 

So Lord, this is my request: Please can you do all the thinking for me? My head is about to burst because, honestly speaking, I am tired of thinking, of planning, of trying to know what the future holds. It is nothing without you doing it for me.

Over to you Lord. Think for me. On bended knees I am asking; please do not let me live another day with my thoughts, I want it your way 100%. Thank you sweet Jesus.

Sincerely and Faithfully,

One of your daughters


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