When I stopped listening

I did get big-headed

I just couldn’t be bothered with the tales of life

It just felt like a repetition

It felt like dejavu

I had to do it because I just had to

Everyone did it so did I

Everyone believed so did I

Or was I just thinking I did when I didn’t?

Then I stopped listening,

You call it conscience, I call it the Holy spirit

When you suppress his soft voice all the time with your own thoughts,

He stops talking

And friend, you do not know but you are DEAD!

You think you are living,

When the time comes you need him,

You’d run many miles and crazy too

But he’d be far from you

I got there once, and I never wish to get back

I stopped listening for a short time

But it felt like eternity

When I got Him back in my life,

It felt like Wedding

I was so happy

And I still am

I introduce Him to you today.. Don’t think its just conscience,

It’s the God in you who speaks when He knows you are going down the wrong path

Do not behave like me, you never know, mercy might not be so merciful if you get to realise at the wrong time, death



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