Goodbye to Snow and Welcome to Sunshine

Few hours ago, that was my yesterday

I walked through the streets of London’s royal docks

The snow pouring down

My umbrella high up


Fingers tucked into gloves and down my coat pockets

It didn’t shield me from the cold that was bearing down my muscles

My fingers stiff and painful as I tried to move them


A smile across my lips when I remember

Just few hours more and I’ll be smiling at the beautiful African sunshine

Most likely sun-burnt but I’ll relate with the soil



Mother nature calls to its beautiful western African soil

Where I’d be for a long-time, couple of months

Doing what is best for our continent

Researching, studying, writing, reading, praying and helping


I’ll be working with some organisations as we work together to secure

Our blessed Africa‘s resources over the web.

I crave your prayers dear friends

You are not left out, I’ll keep in touch here

And through God’s grace, I’ll post more poems as I possibly can

Blessings, as I fly across oceans, plains and hills

Come with me, as I walk through the crannies of Western Africa

Together we’d appreciate nature and God more 🙂






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