Poem from Africa

It is sunny here and the sweat is pouring down my face

Everywhere busy busy and people shouting

In the chaos with little internet access

A friends a poem to his poetic friend about the new year

Factions of bats. Leading but to a blind end in alleys choked-up. A sense indifferent .And it is that lack that wrecks us,stumbling to a fall. Only a fall out of lights out.The wages-a fall.For we remain unweaned. From our mutual end.For darkness masks.But now, As salt irritates sore So darkness barks grimly Upon light’s return. In an all too sudden vision. Told in whispers to Death’s own,Paid in the brier. [Poem by Bright]

Right now I am sitting at a top floor with a random wifi given by a friend.. Just secured my personal info and got cracking to say hello to my friends here. Anyway, I got to go because this heat is too much to keep me staring at my screen. Blessings.x



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