The Lost, driven, broken and sick

Gone far away, a wanderer
Lost from the fold to wander
He searches all the way with love
And returns the lost to wander no more

The wrong news of salvation is heard
It mesmerised the young heart
It offended the saviour
And he brought back that which was driven

The blood pressure increased
It was so uncomfortable a sight
We thought eternal death lingered
But, He mended and repaired
The heart to stable a sight

The strength of His word
Speaks to dry bones
And they are brought back to life
The sick receive new life
When His voice is heard

Saviour, help us to be led,
Only by you; that we be not
Lost, driven, broken or sick


4 thoughts on “The Lost, driven, broken and sick

  1. The Lord is so good to us isn’t he! Thank you so much for praying for we so appreciated that we can count on brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for us in out time of need. Even if we have never met them face to face

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