I Feel YOU

You are the air I breathe
I feel you in my steps
When I listen,
I know you listen too


I feel you at the porch
Just at your house
You are there,
Listening to my plea


I feel you presence
When I am busy with my life
I feel you live in me
Guiding my every step


I feel you when you talk
You tell me sweet nothing’s
You make me smile
My love for you refreshed


I feel you in the rain
When it pours down heavily
I wish to run in, my hand so high
I wish to reach you up there


I feel you in the songs
So inspirational
My heart with yours
We sing together of your glory


I feel you when I am down
For you alone know how to raise me up
You speak, I smile and reply
You tell me “it is well”, I believe


I feel you now,
I feel you always and forever
You are mine and I am yours
My only true love


2 thoughts on “I Feel YOU

    • Thank God it has blessed you. I pray it blesses others as much as it did to you. Thanks for reading sweet daughter of God. May you continue to grow in the Spirit. Have a blessed Sunday!

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