Spiritual Spice | Premier Edition

This is a new addition to this blog from our Guest blogger Eb. He will be blessing us once in a while with the Word. I thank God for His love for this Son of His, drawn away from the pleasures of this world and has been called to God’s people with an anointing you just need to be part of. Don’t miss any edition of the Spiritual Spice (as I call it!). God bless you as you read!

From Eb:

No born again Christian, bible believing Christian has more power or authority than the other, the problem is most believers don’t understand or can’t comprehend the authority that resides in them in Christ Jesus, the bible says that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places above all principalities and powers, therefore the sooner we realize the authority the better. Now remember knowledge does not bring results, knowledge acted upon brings results.



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