Go for us

When the Father asked:
“Who will go for us?”
That meeting, quite a solemn one
The angels looked each other in the eye
They all thought same thing:
“I am unworthy for this task”


When it seemed all hope was lost
And humanity a doom
Then came the giver of hope
In all His splendour and glory
Stood up in humility to the Father
He spoke with so much love and compassion
“I will go”
“I will go for the lost and weary”
“I will go for the broken and weak”
“I will go to fight the enemy of man’s soul”
“I will go Father, for them, for I love them,
They are co-heirs with me, my siblings in You”
“I will go rescue the perishing and save all by your Grace”
“I will do as you wish, whatever it takes to return the juvenile,
To save those bound in chains,
To break the curse of sin and death,
I will see to it that the devil will have no power,
I will win the, for you Father, by your Grace”


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